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06 February 2009 @ 01:35 pm
please don't tell her i love her until i tell her myself.  
:. a first encounter .:
(Basic profiling -- Tell us a little about yourself.)

What's your name? (Rather, what should we call you?) Alicia
Male or female? Both? Neither? Female
How old are you? ... How old do you feel? I'm nineteen, but... really, it depends on the day. Sometimes I act my age and then some, but I love to be dorky and fun so I'd say, maybe... thirteen.
What do you normally look like? (Feel free to post a picture.)

How do most of your first impressions go? I usually just go about my own business, talking however I normally talk... but if it's someone that I want to impress, I either try to make them laugh or at least smile. I don't like to be shy and closed off since that's far from how I am. I may seem distant if I'm not really interested in the person or the conversation. I tend to get lost in my thoughts a good portion of the time.

:. bunnies and bear curry .:
(If you're a bit lacking in the romance department, use your imagination.)

Tell us about your 'first love' -- accepted or rejected? Oh, I was so gloriously rejected. I had liked this boy since the second grade, off and on, and around the seventh grade/eighth grade, I decided to kick it up a notch and let him know how I felt/have other people hint at it. He didn't care, but he was nice about it. I was a dumbass and bought him a present, but... blech, that was a waste of money. Regardless, I was sad for a while, but then forgot about the entire thing and moved on to liking someone else. I guess it wasn't really love, huh?
Was it love at first sight, or more of a gradual thing? He was cute (emphasis on the was) and he did something cute for me in the second grade, so it was infatuation at the get-go. I believe I made him a bracelet? I was eight!
You find out a good friend has a crush on you, but it's a one-sided thing. Does the way you act around them change? I've actually had this happen to me, but then within the same sentence he mentioned that he was bisexual, so I was confused what that meant about myself. Nothing really changed, but I was tentative around him to make sure I wasn't doing anything that would give him the wrong idea about my intentions towards him.
And what if they were a total stranger? If they weren't sketchy as hell, I'd look into it.

When it comes to actually being in a relationship...
Physically or otherwise -- what are you looking for in a person, anyway? I'm looking for someone who is easy on the eyes and that can make me laugh. Due to being a grammar Nazi, as well, I'd appreciate it if the person can speak/spell proper English, you know? I don't want to have someone needier than I am, someone who can't even rely on themselves.
Is it better to be friends before lovers? It depends... sometimes it works out in the best of ways, but once you pass a certain line, things never will be the same since there will always be loose ends to deal with within the friendship if anything goes awry with being lovers.
Rickshaws or waterslides? (As in, would you rather take it slow or live for the moment?) Spontaneity keeps things more interesting. You can live in the moment, sure, but how about find a better moment, a more exciting one, to live in?
PDA: Public or Private Displays of Affection? I hate seeing it since it makes you feel extremely alone if you're not with someone. So, besides holding hands and the occasional kiss on the cheek, I wouldn't go any further than that in public. It makes other people uncomfortable.

:. motivation -- or lack thereof .:
(Be honest.)

What kind of a student were/are you? I procrastinate like nobody's business, put off everything until the last minute, and skirt by. I work best under pressure, apparently.
Did you aim for top marks or settle with just getting by? With things that I know I'm great at, I try. If I don't care, I just get by with whatever isn't failing.
Could the same be said for your habits outside of class? Actually, no... I love what I love and I keep up with it a lot better than with my studies.

Have any plans for the future? (If not, why?) Everything's up in the air, of course, but I would love to publish something, get a Master's degree, find the love of my life, get married, start a family...
Could you sacrifice a potential career to care for family? Well, the career I want is a writer's, which is working from home... so, I wouldn't really have to sacrifice anything. Though, I would definitely look out for my family first.
What about sacrificing ties with your loved ones to pursue a career? That would be hard... I probably wouldn't for a career and regret it from then on out.

:. playing favorites .:
(Favorites is plural for a reason.)

Band: Queen, The Used, The Offspring, Sugarcult, Say Anything, 30 Seconds to Mars, 3OH!3, Cobra Starship, etc.
Color: Black, hot pink, bright teal, red, sky blue
Season: June: the end of spring and the beginning of summer.
Vacation spot: Anywhere warm! Get me out of the Northeast!
Superpower: Any of Raven's from Teen Titans. /dork
Character (in LoveCom): OTANI~ I relate to him due to my height and being made fun of because of it. Plus, he's hilarious and can't keep his mouth shut, like me.

:. time to say goodbye .:
(Additional info.)

Your three vote links: [one] [two] [three]
How'd you get into LoveCom? I was looking through some LJ community that had anime episodes and happened upon LoveCom, thinking it looked interesting. Then I fell in love with it.
Is this your first experience with a stamping community? Nope!
A quote or set of lyrics to remember you by:
feeling: boredbored
Cherry tigercherry_tiger on April 15th, 2009 06:12 pm (UTC)
Otani! Your first impression and motivation says it all. ^^