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13 June 2009 @ 07:42 pm
please don't tell her she's right  
:. a first encounter .:
(Basic profiling -- Tell us a little about yourself.)

What's your name? (Rather, what should we call you?) Danielle, or Danni, or .... TUFTY-CHAN! To be called that is my dream :)
Male or female? Both? Neither? Female, but apparently I'm one of those 'boy-girls' (tomboys) Hang on ... yup, I'm a girl.
How old are you? ... How old do you feel? 14, nearly fifteen, but 14 FOREVER! Oh Gog, I'm loud today :S
What do you normally look like? (Feel free to post a picture.) Hmm ... imagine this in jeans and on a chubby, titchy body and bingo. Ugly little toerag, ain't I?Photobucket
How do most of your first impressions go? Badly. I come off as shy (WHAT!? I can tell you're thinking it), selfish, and snobby.

:. bunnies and bear curry .:
(If you're a bit lacking in the romance department, use your imagination.)

Tell us about your 'first love' -- accepted or rejected? Oh, love? Accepted, but I don't think he ever loved me like that, more of a friends thing.
Was it love at first sight, or more of a gradual thing? Well, we were friends, and one of us suddenly announced that we should be boyfriend and girlfriend. And he picked me over the other girls who wanted to be his girlfriend :) This was in year two ... so I was ... 6, but it lasted a good three years.
You find out a good friend has a crush on you, but it's a one-sided thing. Does the way you act around them change? No. I would probably be a bit awkard at first, but the best thing is to sort out my feeling while he gathers up his, so I know how to reply when he tells me.
And what if they were a total stranger? Feel the destiny.

When it comes to actually being in a relationship...
Physically or otherwise -- what are you looking for in a person, anyway? Love. And Belief.
Is it better to be friends before lovers? You should be friends and lovers at the same time, but friends to lovers is nice too.
Rickshaws or waterslides? (As in, would you rather take it slow or live for the moment?) Ouch, hard one ... have fun with them but take it slowly too.
PDA: Public or Private Displays of Affection? Public is brilliant, but private, heart-felt ones make me stop breathing.

:. motivation -- or lack thereof .:
(Be honest.)

What kind of a student were/are you? Lazy. I copy off my friends and can't be bothered. I never revise. But I am naturally good at essays, so I get good marks.
Did you aim for top marks or settle with just getting by? Top marks. Except in maths. *grinds teeth*
Could the same be said for your habits outside of class? Not in life, ie. bags of cash, a top job and 26 kids, but yes. In other, private stuff.

Have any plans for the future? (If not, why?) Spend my gap year in Japan, become a manga-ka.
Could you sacrifice a potential career to care for family? No. I'm not that nice.
What about sacrificing ties with your loved ones to pursue a career? Never, never, never.

:. playing favorites .:
(Favorites is plural for a reason.)

Band: Oh! I dunno, I'm loving the K-On! Girls right now. I don't have favourite artists, I have favourite songs. And plenty of 'em.
Color: Blue or red.
Season: Spring.
Vacation spot: Japan! Places I've never been.
Superpower: To make stars make wishes come true.
Character (in LoveCom): Risa? ... not sure.

:. time to say goodbye .:
(Additional info.)
Please be nice to me :)
Your three vote links: [one] [two] [three]
How'd you get into LoveCom? Hm ... ran out of manga to read, and saw a bunch of icons that I thought looked awesome, so I read the manga to be able to understand the icons C:
Is this your first experience with a stamping community? One of my first.
A quote or set of lyrics to remember you by: am I not pretty enough? is my heart too broken? do I cry too much? am I too outspoken? don't I make you laugh? should I try it harder? why do you see right through me? (Am I )Not Pretty Enough, Kasey Chambers.
feeling: satisfiedsatisfied
listening to: Not Pretty Enough, Kasey Chambers
hyouri: Otani; eh?rinmei on July 6th, 2009 12:34 pm (UTC)
you remind me of Risa too :3