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Complex ★ Mirror
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.: A Lovely Complex Rating/Stamping Community :.

Hello! Welcome to Complex ★ Mirror, a Lovely Complex stamping/rating community.

Do you remember those quick little Quizilla applets you'd look up to determine whether or not you were closer to a fire or earth elemental, or what Naruto cup size you were supposed to be? What about those long-as-all-hell surveys you took on various sites to divulge all your personal information, house address and lifelong dreams to total strangers? A rating community is a bit of a cross between the two.

You do the information divulging, and random people determine what your personality or looks are closest to for any given series, or anything assigned. Characters, class, random household objects. You are then stamped with what was voted the most of you.

Ever wondered what LoveCom character you're most like? A stamp is, essentially, a symbol of that character. This is a lot like those old surveys and quizzes, with a distinct twist -- questions aren't just tailored to the series, but also to the person answering them. Consequently, you get a lot more in-depth with your results.

Remember, kids: It's fun to tell strangers what your favorite color is -- and only you can prevent forest fires.

(Remember to read all the rules before submitting your app!)

1 :: Before you can be stamped, we ask that you please vote on at least three other applications.
Also, remember to show us you've done so by linking back to them on your own app. The community would be really slow if everyone posted at once and never voted, so this is really just to keep the place active.

For reference, all apps are stamped after they receive either 5 votes of the same character or 4 votes each of up to two different characters.

Basically -- Say a member is voted as Risa by at least 5 different people. She gains a stamp. If she is instead voted as both Risa and Nobu, and there are at least 4 votes for each of them, this member would gain two stamps, one for each character, as opposed to just one.

2 :: Please give out a reason for your votes.
People like to know why you think they're so similar to who you're voting them as, and it's not too hard to form a sentence around that.

DOING IT WRONG: "I think you're a lot like Character."
DOING IT RIGHT: "I think you're a lot like Character, because [there are many reasons I find in your app that can be listed within my comment on it, and I can take five minutes out of my day to sort through them.]"

Feel free to elaborate, by the way, but we won't throw rocks at you if you don't.

3 :: Be honest when you're filling out the survey.
It's obvious if you're reaching for a certain character, and doing that anyway kind of defeats the purpose.

4 :: Remember to put the phrase 'please don't tell her' somewhere in the subject line of your entry.
(This is to tell us you've read the rules.)

5 :: Please use an LJ-cut when posting your app.
This is more of a courtesy to other members than a rule, but that doesn't make it any less mandatory.

6 :: Please wait for a reasonable amount of time before reapplying.
We don't want you posting what's basically the same answers, nor do we want you to drastically change in favor of the character you want. Of course, we do understand that people have off-days -- If you don't believe the character you got represents you well enough to leave it at that, there's always second chances. So, really, anywhere from a week to a month wait should be fine.

Copy and paste all of this into an LJ entry -- on the HTML side -- fill it out, and post it to the community.
(Also, remember to uncheck the 'disable auto-formatting' box.)

Currently, members can only be stamped as the following characters:

Risa Koizumi
Atsushi Otani
(Nobu) Nobuko Ishihara
Heikichi Nakao
Chiharu Tanaka
Ryoji Suzuki
Haruka Fukagawa
(Seiko) Seishiro Kotobuki
Mayu Kanzaki
(Maity) Kuniumi Maitake
Mimi Yoshioka
Kohori Kazuki

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